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We have done everything we can to insure that your new puppy gets the best possible start of life. All of our puppies have had their dewclaws removed and tails docked at 3 days of age. They have been vaccinated with an 8-way booster at 6 weeks, kennel cough intranasal vaccine, and are treated for the prevention of internal parasites every two weeks until they reach your home. 

At Rockport Vizslas our Vizslas are part of our family. The dogs love to interact with our animals and enjoy swimming in the pond. They love to play around, making our 20 acre ranch their ultimate playground. Our puppies at Rockport Vizslas are farm raised and enjoy the freedom of country living. We provide our puppies with clean, heated and cooled facilities with access to outside. 

Every breed of dog is unique and while we love our Vizslas more than anything in the world, we know that this breed is not for everyone. Please be sure to do your research and check out our                               page to make sure this is the right breed for you before bringing a new puppy into your home. 


All puppies from Rockport Vizslas come with a 1 year health guarantee from the date of purchase with proper documentation. 


All of our puppies are registered through AKC. We do not offer breeding rights and we suggest spaying or neutering your puppy as soon as your vet sees fit. 


If you would like to reserve a puppy, please fill out this form. 

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