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Baryn is our energetic 4 year old! She loves to be outside running around with our Lab Miley chasing tennis balls and swimming in the pond. 

She is also one of the best mammas! She takes great care of her puppies when they are young and loves to play with them as they get older. 


Here are our beautiful dams! Each unique in their own way but all equally special to us!!


Bella is our kind and sensitive 3 year old. She is well mannered, calm, and responsive to commands. She enjoys the family and always wants to be in close proximity to us. 

She has been a wonderfully attentive mother who continues to interact with her puppies after they have been weaned. 


Jolie is our beautiful athletic 2 year old! She is very kind and loyal; always eager to please. She is extraordinarily athletic, loves to race other dogs, and always ready for a game of fetch. She is very protective and feels it is her duty to patrol our property each morning and evening. 


These girls are the ones who started it all! They were our first two Vizslas and the reason we fell in love with the breed! 

Both are done having puppies and are enjoying retirement on the couch but still love getting down and playing with the crazy puppies. 


Raider & Kayla are the newest additions to our family! Getting to be around so many adorable puppies, sometimes you just connect with one and it's hard to let them go..and so our family grows! 

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